Cuisinart ICE 100 Compressor Ice Cream Maker

Having gelato on a hot summer’s day is one of life’s little pleasures. It is something that can make you feel just great when you are dealing with a hot day. The problem is that you often have to go out to get it. If it is really hot out, why would you want to leave your air conditioned house to get it? You don’t have to, because you can just make one at home with something like the Cuisinart ICE-100 Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker.

This is a fantastic device that will make excellent ice cream and gelato for you, and your family. Your kids will love it and their friends will love it. When people find out that you are making ice cream, your home is going to become one of the most popular places in the entire neighborhood.

Cuisinart ICE 100 Compressor

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Features of Cuisinart ICE 100 Compressor

The compressor has several excellent features that really make it stand out. Currently sitting with a 4.5 star review from 460 customer reviews on Amazon, it is very popular and well-loved.

It is fully automatic with compressor that allows for 1.5 quart ice cream bowl capacity. That is enough for several people to enjoy the ice cream.

Sitting at 32 pounds, it is a bit larger than other makers but that is because the compressor is part of it. There is no need to freeze anything before making the ice cream. You can have the ice cream immediately.

There are two paddles in the compressor. One is for making authentic gelato and one is for making creamy ice cream. This allows you to make perfect gelato and perfect ice cream absolutely every time.

The device is very easy to use, with a blue LCD readout, touchpad controls and a 60-minute countdown timer for your tasty desserts.

There is a 10-minute keep cool feature that will keep both the gelato and the ice cream totally cool for you even after the timer has gone off.

The transparent lid will allow you to keep an eye on how everything is doing, and you will be able to watch the ice cream and gelato form right before your yes.

The mix-in opening feature will allow you to put your favorite mixings into the dessert, while it is being made in front of you.

Cuisinart ICE 100 Compressor

Pros of Cuisinart ICE 100 Compressor

There are many great things about the compressor. The fact that it can make both gelato and ice cream gives it a great deal of versatility. In addition, it also refrigerates everything, so there is no need to put a bowl in a freezer for hours when you want ice cream at that moment. It will make it quite quickly, and you will have plenty to share with everyone. The mixing paddles are designed to provide the best result with the ice cream and gelato. The fact that it is very easy to use is also excellent, so that anyone, even the kids, can learn to make ice cream when the mood strikes.

The compressor is also very quiet, and you can make two or more batches in a row. If you are having a large get-together, you will be able to serve everyone easily.

The fact that it is stainless steel is also excellent because it looks great in the kitchen, but is also very easy to clean and will not end up rusting on you.

Cons of Cuisinart ICE 100 Compressor

Nothing is perfect, and neither is this compressor. The biggest problem is the fact that it measures at 16 inches by 12 inches by nine inches. That is on the large side and that is because of the compressor, which in itself is a very positive part of the compressor.

Nonetheless, the fact that it is large can make it hard to store, and it is heavy, which can make it a pain to move around. If you have the space, and it won’t be taking up a lot of area on your counter, then this is a good compressor but be aware of its size and weight.



If you decide that you want to get an ice cream maker and gelato maker that is going to make excellent desserts, then this really is the best compressor for you. Priced in at about $250, it is expensive but that is a pretty decent price for something with a compressor in it. You will use it for years, and it will save you money if ice cream is something that you and your family enjoy on a regular basis in the summer.

Keep an eye on your space, but other than that, just enjoy this fantastic ice cream maker that will make creamy desserts for you every time. A great option for the price paid.

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