How to make ice cream with an ice cream maker?

Once you see frozen desert, you would like to eat it more and more as it is the most enjoyable and tasty desert for the summer season. Of course, make your ice cream is the best way to give your family a delicious frozen treat within your budget. Using a manual ice cream maker is time-consuming and energy devoted task, but we have not the time to operate a hand appliance for several hours.

So the best solution of this problem is to make ice cream with electric ice cream maker as it facilitates you to make frozen desert in your home. In this article, I would like to tell you that how you could make ice cream with an ice cream maker.

make ice cream

Choose a good recipe and ingredients

ice cream recipeAccording to the survey, that this summer seasons the sales of ice cream maker was 114% double as compared to last year. The most advanced model could provide the instant mixtures. If you want to make an ice cream for your family, then you need to choose your favorite recipe and after it buys the all ingredients like milk, eggs, cream, fresh or dried fruits, chocolate chips, coconuts, and nuts.

 Start cranking process

icecreamcrankingAfter it, you need to start cranking the ice cream. But keep in minds that you should maintain the level near the freezer lid. The cranking process will take 10 minutes and when it become difficult you should stop cranking.

If your mixture is soft and creamy, then you need to remove the turning mechanism and check the consistency of the mixture.

If you require more firmness, then you could freeze it and at this stage, you could also add your favorite ingredient like nuts, fruits, chocolate chips, etc. but you could add this ingredient after 15 to 17 minutes when your yummy ice cream is starting to freeze.

Remove the freezer can and you should put it in a freezer then scoop out the desert and put it in air tight container in a freezer, put your favorite desert in the freezer tin. When your ice cream is ready then you needed to use the spoon to scoop the desert out of the bowl.

Take our ice cream from the freezer

I want to share one point that will help you while making an ice cream that homemade ice creams get extremely hard when they are freezing. The reason behind this issue is that most recipes, which you follow, don’t contain the ingredients like the ice cream that available in the market.

The ingredients in the commercial ice cream prevent the desert from becoming hard. So I would suggest you that take out your ice cream from the freezer about 20 minutes before serving.

Some addition tips for making an ice cream

When you prepare your ice cream, you need to mix the ice cream and cool down in the freezer for few hours. Don’t try to fill your machine can more than 2/3. After it, you should put the paddle or dasher into your ice cream tin and close the lid on this mixture.

Now you should place the ice cream can in the machine bucket. Then attach the handle as well as turning mechanism. But you should remember this important point that before making an ice cream you should keep all ingredients locked inside the bucket of ice cream maker.

So you should make sure that is the lid is attached correctly so that water could not get in. If you don’t follow precautions, then you could face any frustration in this process.

Apart from this while, using electric ice cream maker, you should not show any carelessness. You should not touch the wires with wet hands and do not try to pull the plugs without turning off the button. So always turn off the button then pull the power cable.


You could enjoy homemade ice cream easily with an electric ice cream maker. For better result, you need to try different delicious flavors for more innovative ideas. Electric ice cream maker allows you to add your favorite ingredients like strawberry, pistachio, and cookies for a delicious taste for your loving kids.

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