How you could use your ice cream maker?

Are you looking for a yummy dessert for summer? As you, know that ice cream is a fun project for summer seasons. No matter you are a child or an aged person, Ice cream is a hot favorite frozen dessert for everyone.

However, making an ice cream with your hand is a good way to impress loving kids and guest. If you are fitness conscious, then homemade ice cream is the best option for you as you could insert the healthier ingredients. Although it could take a bit of your effort to make the ice cream, but it is the great and mouth-watering gift for summer seasons.

In this article, I would like to share some necessary tips and tricks for your easiness that how to make your favorite ice cream with an ice cream maker.

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Component of an ice cream maker

To work with your ice cream maker, you need to know about the main components of the machine so that you could work efficiently.

Component of ice cream maker

Lid: you need to fit this part on the bowl and try to snaps it into the right place.

Freezer bowl: this container is prepared with layers of protected material from the special formula. So when your mixture is completely frozen, then this bowl rotates within the equipment. It turns your mixture into a delicious ice cream.

Spout: this part is a hole placed at the top of the lid. You could add ingredients like your favorite fruits, cookies, and nuts in your ice cream through the spout.

Dasher: did you know Dasher is a component that sits inside the freezer bowl and helps to make your dessert frozen by rotating the wet mixture.

Controls: different models come with off/on the dial that is placed on the base.

Base: base is a component that used for the storage of electrical wires.

Don’t use your equipment like processor: Keeps in mind that your ice cream maker could not be used as a food processor. So you shouldn’t expect this machine to churn the dense mixtures that are loaded with ball bearings, candies, and nuts. Therefore, homemade ice cream makers are not suitable for thick mixtures. In freezer compressor units, you need to end up the consistency of mixtures like the soft scoop and ice cream’s scoop from the equipment. If you are looking for harder dessert, then you need to store creamy dessert in the freezer for some time.

Tips to using your ice cream maker for summer

Do you think that is it difficult to employ an ice cream maker in your home? Then it is great news for you that usage of this equipment is as easy as you think.

When you are using an ice cream maker, you need to wrap the bowl in the container, and after it freezer this mixture until it is totally frozen. Bears in mind that you need to use plastic bag for your bowl.

When your mixture is totally frozen, then you should understand that your bowl is set to prepare an ice cream and after it keep the bowl of machine into the ice cream maker.

After putting the bowl, you need to add the dasher and turn on the machine. Then you could add frozen different flavors to the chilled bowl. Now you need to change the lid component and stay for half an hour for your delicious treat.

Do you need soft consistency? Enjoy your favorite dessert but if you require hard texture then transfer the dessert to the freezer tin and try to freeze it for few hours. One thing you should remember that you should store your ice cream in airtight containers to protect it.


One of the best ways to make your summer season fun is to make homemade ice cream with an ice cream maker. Electric ice cream maker is the best choice to chill your summer and enjoy the creamy deserts. I would like to suggest the Moms that to make your kids happier and healthier you should try different homemade ice cream recipes.

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