White Mountain Ice Cream Maker

The days are hot in summer and ice cream is cool. Having some cool ice cream can make an entire day seem better, and it can make a person feel great as they enjoy that ice cream. The problem is that ice cream has to be bought somewhere else, or you have to dig out the old ice cream that has been sitting in the freezer for months. It is something that can be an inconvenience, and it is something that can be dealt with easily. All you have to do is get an best ice cream maker.

There are many ice cream makers out there. They all do the job of creating ice cream admirably but the problem is they all look the same. They are all silver, boxy and big. That isn’t a bad thing and they can match décor, but at the same time it would be nice to have something with a bit more of a rustic look and a rustic feel to it. That is where the White Mountain Ice Cream Maker with Appalachian Series Wooden Bucket comes in. This looks like an old ice cream bucket, but it uses modern technology. The best of both worlds.

White Mountain has been making ice cream and ice cream buckets since 1853, and that means they know what they are doing and they only release quality to their customers.

White Mountain Ice Cream Maker

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Features of White Mountain Ice Cream Maker

There are many excellent features to this ice cream maker, including but not limited to:

Many ice cream makers make 1.5 to 2 quarts of ice cream at a time. This ice cream maker will make an astounding six quarts of ice cream. That is an immense amount and it means that it will make six quarts ice cream in only 30 minutes to an hour, compared with the two to three hours for other compressors.

It features a triple motion action dasher system to ensure that the ice cream is smooth and mixed properly before it is frozen.

The 12,000 rpm universal electric motor is very strong and powerful. It will mix the ice cream ingredients perfectly, and it will make sure everything is smooth with no lumps.

The look of the ice cream maker may look old-school but everything inside is modern. It features a stainless steel canister and lid, which is very easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about rust.

The bucket itself is bound with galvanized hoops which increase the durability and ensure that the ice cream maker is not going to fall apart on you any time soon.

The bucket on the outside is made from real New England Pine, and it is stained to look beautiful and authentic.

The dasher has two blades for enhanced mixing and greater efficiency when making ice cream.

White Mountain Ice Cream Maker

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Pros of White Mountain Ice Cream Maker

There are many excellent features to this ice cream maker including:

This ice cream maker is made to be very durable and very strong. It will stay together for you, and it will last for you for many years.

The authentic look is something that really sets it apart from other ice cream makers. It is something that makes people talk about it, and it will look really great if your home is going for something along the lines of a rustic décor.

It is very durable, and can stand up to a lot over the years. Many have been using this for some time now and have not seen a dip in quality.

It can make ice cream in a third the time of other ice cream makers, while making triple the amount.

Cons of White Mountain Ice Cream Maker

There are a few cons to this machine, but not many.

The price is high at roughly $250, but again you are paying for something that looks great and runs great.

The ice cream maker is rather loud, and some have said that it is loud enough that they have trouble having a conversation in the kitchen. This has not been a common complaint though and may just be limited to some of the devices sold.

Some have expressed anger that it is made in China, while it says designed and assembled in the United States on the box. This is more of a personal thing though.



If you love ice cream, and you want to have something that looks old-school but runs like a modern device, then this is the perfect ice cream maker for you. It harkens back to the old days of ice cream making, and it will be something you will love for the huge quantity it can make. If you want ice cream that is creamy and tasty, then this is the ice cream maker for you.

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